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Learn the Strategies Super Affiliates Use to Make $33,600 Per Year -- Just by Recommending Affiliate Products!

What You'll Find in This Article:

1. What makes a super affiliate super?
2. Strategy #1: Super affiliates sell products their customers relate to
3. Strategy #2: Super affiliates drive traffic to their sites
4. Strategy #3: Super affiliates actively market their products
5. Strategy #4: Super affiliates use personal endorsements
6. Strategy #5: Super affiliates avoid creating sites that look like flea markets
7. Strategy #6: Super affiliates test extensively
8. Strategy #7: Super affiliates devote space to their products
9. Strategy #8: Super affiliates use their affiliate products in back-end offers
10. Final thoughts

Anyone with a web site or opt-in mailing list can join the ChineseFoodDIY affiliate program. All you need to do is place an affiliate link on your web site, or in an e-mail promotion, and you're in business.

BUT -- simply putting an affiliate link on your web site in no way guarantees you'll actually be successful as an affiliate. In order to maximize your click-throughs and earn large profits (up to $33,600 per year!) -- in other words, in order to become what we call a super affiliate -- you need to treat your affiliate product like it's your own business.

Read on to learn how people just like you make up to $33,600 per year -- while working only ten hours per week -- OR LESS!

What makes a super affiliate super?

As you might imagine from the name, a super affiliate is someone who brings good business sense and the drive to succeed to an affiliate program -- and as a result, is able to earn an exceptional living recommending other people's products.

It's no secret why super affiliates earn up to $33,600 per year. They understand that they can't just sit back and watch their commission checks roll in. As with anything else, it takes a lot of strategy and planning to be a highly successful affiliate.

Here are eight of the key strategies that top-selling affiliates follow faithfully in order to maximize their click-throughs -- and their profits...

Strategy #1: Super affiliates sell products their customers relate to

Super affiliates know that the most important thing they need to do is be sure that the affiliate products or services they're promoting are somehow relevant to their customers.

If you don't offer relevant products to your customers, you'll not only have a much more difficult time making sales -- you could actually end up damaging your credibility, and decreasing your sales. Your customers will start to view you as someone who is just out to make a quick buck, rather than as a trusted source of information.

For example: If you sell golf clubs on your site, then you shouldn't choose weight-loss pills for your affiliate promotion. It should be related to golf in some way.

Remember, potential customers will be very interested to learn what brand of golf clubs a golf expert would recommend, but these same customers are going to become confused and even irritated if you start promoting weight-loss products to them.

Fortunately, ChineseFoodDIY's product appeals to a wide and diverse range of people. Lots and lots of people want to hear about ways they can improve their health, lose weight, eat healthy food, live an enjoyable life and more. That's why our product is a good way to start out as an affiliate.

Strategy #2: Super affiliates drive traffic to their sites

Super affiliates know that, in order to make serious money as affiliates, they need to play "the numbers game." Here's what we mean:

Between 1% and 20% of the people who visit your web site will click through your affiliate link. (The range is wide because it all depends on how targeted your traffic is and how good the affiliate link, banner ad, text link, or other promotional tool you're using is.)

Out of every 200 people who actually click through your affiliate link (not just visit your site, but actually click on your affiliate link), only 1 to 2 will buy.

What does this mean? The bottom line is that in order to make one affiliate sale, you'll need to attract at least 500 people to your web site.

Now, we're not telling this to scare you -- after all, there are plenty of ChineseFoodDIY affiliates just like you who easily drive more traffic than this to their sites each and every month. We just want you to be aware that it takes a bit of work.

So how do you go about driving more people to your site? There are a number of strategies that super affiliates use to keep visitors coming:

  • Search engine optimization (click here to learn more)
  • Pay-per-click advertising (click here to learn more)
  • Discussion group contributions
  • E-mail marketing (click here to learn more)
  • Classified ads

Strategy #3: Super affiliates actively market their products

ChineseFoodDIY's top affiliates know this: No matter how great the affiliate products you're selling are, people aren't going to beat a path to your door to get them. You need to bring the products to the customers. That's why super affiliates devote a big chunk of their time to actively marketing the products.

If you have a list of newsletter subscribers that you've been regularly mailing an e-zine or newsletter to, then you're already perfectly positioned to bring your products to your customers -- and become a super affiliate.

That's because your subscribers see your newsletter as a valuable resource. They look to you for advice, news, industry updates, and other valuable information. So why not take advantage of your reputation as a credible source of information to sell affiliate products?

If you don't have an opt-in mailing list yet, now is the time to start one. It's easier than you might think. You just need to come up with a free offer for something that visitors to your site want -- then ask for their e-mail addresses in return.

These could include:

  • Newsletters
  • Free downloads
  • E-zines
  • Surveys
  • 'Members only' content

Click here to learn more about using free offers to build your opt-in list.

Strategy #4: Super Affiliates Use Personal Endorsements

Super affiliates understand that personal endorsements and testimonials are a powerful way to capitalize on the relationships that they've already developed with their customers and subscribers. Their customers know and trust them, either because they've already bought something from them, or because they have been receiving valuable information from them.

A letter of personal recommendation is much like recommending a good movie to a friend. Your friend (1) takes your recommendation seriously because she knows and trusts you, and (2) is far more likely to act on your recommendation than if she just heard about the movie through an ad in the newspaper. As far as your friend is concerned, you have nothing to gain by lying to her about the quality of the movie. She trusts your good judgment.

Remember that your visitors will be regarding these testimonials with a critical eye. You want them to regard the testimonials as friendly advice or a personal favor, rather than a "cash grab."

There are different ways you can endorse your affiliate products:

  • Using e-mail endorsements: E-mail is the preferred way to endorse your affiliate products. It's a much more personal approach, and, when done correctly, can look like you've written personally to each individual subscriber to recommend the product.

  • Using web endorsements: Endorsing an affiliate product on your web site is also helpful. Instead of writing a personal letter, though, you may want to consider a more informative approach.

Many super affiliates find that a product review posted on their site is the most effective way to endorse their product. A good product review -- like the ones that ChineseFoodDIY creates for our affiliates to use -- typically focuses on the product's benefits, rather than its features.

Click here to learn more about the key differences between benefits and features.

Strategy #5: Super affiliates avoid creating sites that look like flea markets

Creating a site that looks like a flea market is the biggest mistake we see affiliates making -- and one that super affiliates carefully avoid.

What do we mean by "flea market"? Well, many affiliates go crazy and start promoting 10 or 15 unrelated affiliate products on their site, thinking that they can make a lot of money by promoting lots of different products.

It's absolutely critical that you don't have a zillion products cluttering up your main site. Sites like these look very unprofessional. They give the appearance of trying to make a quick buck, rather than doing their visitors a favor by recommending one or two high-quality products.

The most profitable way to approach affiliate promotions is to choose one quality product and promote it really well, then add related products.

Strategy #6: Super affiliates test extensively

It's really important to super affiliates that they make every effort to maximize their conversion rates -- and their profits -- by testing everything! To a top-earning affiliate, results are never "good enough."

  • What to test: In a word -- everything! For example, try testing different text links. Try putting them in different spots on your site. Try different testimonials and postings, different articles and newsletters. See what happens to sales when you add a personal letter of referral. Try using different autoresponders.

    And remember -- your testing is only as good as your system for tracking your results! Click here to learn how you can track the changes you make to your site to learn exactly which ones are working -- and which ones aren't!

Strategy #7: Super affiliates devote space to their products

Super affiliates know that in order to give their affiliate products the attention they deserve, it's helpful to really feature them. This often means devoting an entire page of their web site to the product. In fact, some super affiliates don't even have their own products -- their web sites are set up exclusively to promote their affiliate product.

Strategy #8: Super affiliates use their affiliate products in back-end offers

Any super affiliate earning upwards of $33,600 per year understands that, in order to get the most out of affiliate programs, you need to take every opportunity to offer your customers your affiliate products -- including immediately after they've just purchased something else!

Here's how that works: Say a customer makes a purchase from you. You would, of course, send them a confirmation e-mail, outlining the details of their purchase. Why not take the opportunity to add a promotion for a different product in this confirmation? It costs nothing more, and the results are definitely worth it.

Another approach would be to send an e-mail to a customer several days after they've received their purchase, to see if they're enjoying the product. You could then offer a new, related product in that message.

The best back-end offers are those that offer products related to the original purchase, or are targeted to the person who made the initial purchase.

Click here to learn more about how you can make the most of your follow-up offers.

Final thoughts

There are lots of people out there there -- people just like you -- who are enjoying the financial freedom that comes with successful affiliate marketing.

These people, referred to as "super affiliates," all have one thing in common: They know that making it big recommending other people's products takes determination, planning, and strategy -- and more effort than merely adding affiliate links to their sites and then waiting for their checks to arrive in the mail.

With the right strategy and some well-chosen affiliate products for your audience, being a super-affiliate is a rewarding proposition. It's lucrative, worry-free (you don't have to think about developing, selling, storing, or shipping a product), and all you really have to do is generate enough interest in the product to convince your audience to click through to our site -- we'll take care of the rest!



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