Text Links As Informative Resources...

A text link strategically placed on your web site can be an easy but effective way to drive traffic to your affiliate URL and increase your affiliate sales. The beauty of text links is that you can easily present your visitors with a short sentence or paragraph that clearly explains what they will gain, how they benefit, or what they will learn by clicking on it.

Also, it's easy to position a text link as informative resource for your visitors as opposed to blatant advertisement -- a strategy that has been statistically proven to make visitors more receptive to clicking through your affiliate URL!

Your visitors will see you as providing them with a valuable resource, and this means they'll be more open to any offer we present them with because they don't feel like they're about to be "sold" to. And this means increased sales and commission checks for you!

E-Mail Marketing: One Of The Most Profitable Techniques…

If you have a list of opt-in e-mail addresses (i.e. customers and subscribers who have given you permission to contact them), then e-mail promotions can be a highly profitable promotional technique – one of the most profitable techniques, in fact!

If your customers and subscribers know and trust you as someone who they can depend on to provide quality information and products, it’s really easy to write a personal letter of recommendation, endorsing the affiliate product to capitalize on this relationship.

Your customers and subscribers respect your opinion, so when you present them with good information about a quality product, they’re going to act! They’re going to click through your affiliate link and they’re going to buy – and this translates into huge affiliate commission checks for you!

Pop-under Windows Proven To Increase Conversion Rates 10 Times

FACT: Whether you hate or love them -- pop-ups represent one of the most powerful marketing weapons you can start using to promote the ChineseFoodDIY.com product immediately!

Here's one of the most effective (and maybe the sneakiest without annoying people) way to start using pop-up windows.

Using a "Pop Under" or "Pop Behind" Window

When a visitor comes to your web page - they'll see the exact same thing... nothing changes. But, the pop-behind code will open up a new browser (behind their current browser window) and that prospect will then be exposed to our website.

This techniques works great -- and it doesn't matter if you get a lot of traffic or just a little bit (Of course the more traffic you get - the higher your commissions check will be).

This is a great way to earn back-end income by simply adding a few lines of code to your home page... then just sit back and relax!

Why Product Images Increase Click-Throughs

The old saying about a picture being worth a thousand words has never been more true than with the Internet. The fact is, people surfing the Web to find solutions to their problems tend to skim over the surface of the pages, rather than spend a lot of time reading carefully -- no matter how well written the copy is.

So, one of the best ways to grab the attention of surfers is simply to add a photo to your site. The photo gives them a lot of the information they need, without making them slow down to read.

A good product image is the equivalent of carefully written paragraph of descriptive text. It can show (rather than tell) your customers exactly what they're getting.

Book Reviews Work Overtime To Drive Traffic

Think of a book review as sneak preview of the product -- and an excellent way to help remove the risk of shopping online...

After all, one of the most difficult things to overcome when selling a book on the Internet is the fact that, unlike in a brick and mortar book store, the customer can't pick up the book and flip through it.

A well-written book review is like you flipping through the book for your customer, letting them know exactly what's in it, and how it will be useful to them.

Book reviews are also effective because you can personalize them, and explain to your audience how the book has helped you and your business.

Product Reviews and Informative Articles Give the Personal Touch

A product review or informative article is one of your best options for promoting affiliate products. This is because the most effective way to promote your products is by giving a personal recommendation.

Your visitors will feel much more confident about making a purchase if you've told them -- in detail -- why it will benefit them, and can speak from experience.

Banners That Have Been Tested And Proven...

Banners are a pretty standard tool used by ChineseFoodDIY affiliates to promote the "Real & Healthy Chinese Cooking" cookbook because it's so easy to take a couple of minutes to just copy and paste the HTML code we give you, add it to your web site, and watch the sales start to roll in.

Plus, because we are always updating our banners based on the latest technologies, industry shifts, and constant testing and research, affiliates are continually impressed by the traffic our banners generate compared to the industry standard of 0.2% to 0.8%. These banners have been tested and proven to generate as high as a 10% to 14% click-throughs!

Now obviously, click-through rates this high occur when these banners appear on sites where the traffic is really targeted, but I just wanted to give you a clear idea of the difference between our banners and others you may find out there. These banners have been designed, tested, and proven to attract the highest click-throughs!

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