Two-Minute Tutorial: How to Create an E-mail Promotion

It's easy to send our pre-written e-mail to your list. We've automated most of the task for you -- including automatically adding your affiliate id to the e-mail, so you can start tracking your sales immediately.

You can have an e-mail promotion ready to go -- and ready to start converting more visitors into paid customers -- in less than two minutes.

Here's How it Works

We've taken the necessary 'copy and paste' function that you're familiar with from most computer programs, and automated it. This means that you can copy the text of the e-mail from ChineseFoodDIY's affiliate center web site to your e-mail program in three simple steps:

  • Step One: Copy the text for the e-mail you want to use
  • Step Two: Paste the text into a new, blank e-mail
  • Step Three: Replace the "xxxxxx" with your affiliate nickname (ClickBank nickname) in:
  • Step Four: Add a subject line from one of our suggestions

You don't have to be able to work in HTML, or even understand it. If you can type, you can create an e-mail promotion!

What you Need to Know

The only thing you need to know is how to use your e-mail program. It can be anything from a simple e-mail application like Outlook Express or Eudora, or you can use even the most advance mail management software.

Would you prefer to write your own e-mail? If you're interested in doing an e-mail promotion, but don't want to use the pre-written e-mail we've provided, please feel free to write your own e-mail letter. We included a few tips for writing effective e-mail promotions to get you started.

Detailed Instructions:

Before you start, you need to decide where on your site you want to place your text link. Make sure it's somewhere where it will get noticed quickly.

When you pick the page, open it in your web editing software. You're now ready to insert a text link.

Step One: Copy the code for the e-mail to you clipboard

  1. Go to the e-mail you want to use on the ChineseFoodDIY affiliate center page.
  2. Highlight the text in the text area. (To highlight: click the mouse button in the text area. Select Edit > Select All from your web browser's main menu. The text in the text area will be highlighted.)
  3. Select Edit > Copy from your web browser's main menu. The text of the e-mail is copied to your clipboard.

Step Two: Paste the text into a blank e-mail
With the text for the e-mail copied to your clipboard, you:

  1. Open a blank e-mail in the mail program of your choice.
  2. Place your cursor in the body of the e-mail, and select Edit > Paste from the program's main menu. The e-mail is copied into the blank e-mail.
  3. Replace the "xxxxxx" with your affiliate nickname (ClickBank nickname) in:
  4. Select a subject line from those recommended on the ChineseFoodDIY affiliate web site, and type it into the blank subject field on the e-mail.
  5. Address the e-mail to your list as you normally would.
  6. Send the e-mail.

IMPORTANT! Don't forget -- your affiliate id is automatically included as a text link in the e-mail after you replace the "xxxxxx" with your affiliate nickname (ClickBank nickname). You don't need to do anything special to start getting credit for your sales.

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