Two-Minute Tutorial: How to Insert a Classified Ad

It's easy to add a classified ad to either a newsletter or e-zine. We've automated most of the task for you -- including automatically adding your affiliate id to the ad, so you can start tracking your sales immediately.

You can have a classified ad up and ready to go -- and converting more visitors into paid customers -- in less than two minutes.

Here's How it Works

We've taken the necessary 'copy and paste' function that you're familiar with from most computer programs, and automated it. This means that you can now add the HTML code for our ads to your web site with only three very simple steps.

  • Step One: Copy the code for the classified ad you want
  • Step Two: Prepare a web page for inserting the code -- either your e-zine page or newsletter page
  • Step Three: Paste the code into the web page
  • Step Four: Replace the "xxxxxx" with your affiliate nickname (ClickBank nickname) in:

You don't have to be able to work in HTML, or even understand it. If you can type, you can add a classified ad!

What you Need to Know

The only thing you need to be able to do is set up your web editing software so that it shows you both your web page as it actually appears PLUS the underlying HTML code.

All of the major web editing tools -- including FrontPage, DreamWeaver and GoLive -- have the ability to do this with just the click of a button. Consult your program's online help if you're not sure.

Detailed Instructions:

Before you start, you need to decide where on your page you want to place your classified ad. Make sure it's somewhere where it will get noticed quickly.

When you pick the spot, open you page in your web editing software. You're now ready to insert an ad.

Step One: Copy the code for the classified ad you want to add
Once you've decided where you want to place your ad, you:

  1. Go to the ad you want on the ChineseFoodDIY affiliate center page.
  2. Highlight the text in the text area. (To highlight: click the mouse button in the text area. Select Edit > Select All from your web browser's main menu. The text in the text area will be highlighted.)
  3. Select Edit > Copy from your web browser's main menu. The code for the classified ad is copied to your clipboard.

Step Two: Prepare your web page to paste the code
With the code for the ad copied to your clipboard, you:

  1. Return to the web page you've already opened in your web editing software, and place your cursor in the body of the web page where you want the ad to go.
  2. Set your web editor to view the source (HTML) code. Your cursor automatically appears in the same place in the HTML code as it does in the actual web page. This is where you'll paste the new code for your ad.

Step Three: Paste the code for the ad into your web site
With your web page ready for pasting the code, you:

  1. Click the spot in your HTML code where your cursor is sitting. The code window becomes active, and ready for you to paste the new code.
  2. Select Edit > Paste from the menu in your web software. The classified ad is automatically pasted in to your web site code.

Step Four: Replace the "xxxxxx" with your affiliate nickname (ClickBank nickname) in:
Save the change, and upload the new page to your server. Your classified ad is now ready!

IMPORTANT! Don't forget -- your affiliate id is automatically added to your classified ad after you replace the "xxxxxx" with your affiliate nickname (ClickBank nickname). You don't need to do anything special to start getting credit for your sales.

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